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About Us

Rick Newton created Dynamic Abrasives Sales in 2003 but has served the Abrasive Industry for over 35 years.  Ricks’ vast knowledge and skill set comes from his experiences at Bay State Abrasives & CanGrind.  Rick Ventured out on his own and began Fabricating his own Grinding Wheels.  The exceptional Quality and Consistency created a solid customer base.  Rick’s knowledge provided his clients with solutions to all of their Abrasive needs as he expanded into the Supply of all types of Abrasives.  Rick was not the type of person to accept one Name Brand as the answer for all products but rather testing various brands with all applications and offered the best brand with the best price for a specific operation.

Rick’s methodology resulted in a very Loyal following with an Increasing demand of his time and resources.  Rick needed to expand but wanted to keep it a Family Operation.  With his Children already set in their paths for the future, he reached out to his niece Beatrix or best known as just Bea.  Bea trained under Rick for the past 5 years proving her worthiness to the Operations.  Bea caught on very quickly allowing Rick to spend more time expanding the Abrasive Sales division. 

Ricks’ confidence in Bea pushed his exit plan.  Time to sell and RETIRE.  Not so fast Rick – Bea is great but who can replace you in the field.  Enter another family member Percy, who with over 10 years in sales of Farm Equipment & Lawn Care Machinery was all for the new opportunity.  Percy made the change and worked with Bea & Rick to better understand the methodology “Best Name Brand at the Lowest Price for a Specific Operation”

Rick has since sold the Grinding Wheel Fabrication as was a distraction to the Preferred Customer Service of Abrasive Sales.

Bea then purchased Dynamic Abrasive Sales with Percy working towards his Partnership.

Rick has since retired up North. (but we have a direct line for consultation if required)

Bea & Percy are in their newest journey, too be continued….