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Sanding Discs – Sandpaper – Emery Cloth – Spiral Bands – Cartridge Rolls

Do you need sanding discs, sandpaper, emery cloth, spiral Bands, cartridge rolls or any other abrasive product?

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Sanding Discs

Sanding discs are ideal for dry sanding where quality of finish is critical. Dynamic Abrassives carries a wide range of grits, abrasive materials, sizes and formats. We have a sanding disc that will meet your needs.

  • Klingspor
  • Rapid Abrasives


Dynamic Abrasives carries Klingspor Abrasives sandpaper! Klingspor is a world-class manufacturer of quality sandpaper for woodworking, metalworking, automotive, glass, boats and many other industries.

Emery Cloth

Emery cloth is a coated abrasive that has emery glued to a cloth backing. It may be sold in sheets or in narrow rolls. The cloth backing makes emery cloth stronger in tension than sandpaper but still allows a sheet to be conveniently torn to the correct size for the application. It is generally used for hand metalworking.

  • Tyrolit
  • Klingspor

Spiral Bands

Spiral Bands are resin bonded with an aluminium oxide grain coating. Spiral bands are well suited for finishing curved and contoured surfaces. Spiral Bands, also known as No Lap Bands, are used with rubber drums.

Dynamic Abrasives has a full line of spiral bands from Rapid Abrasives.

Cartridge Rolls

Cartridge rolls are ideal for flash removal, polishing or removing machine tool marks and edge breaking. We carry cartridge rolls from GK Custom.

Sanding Discs
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