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Surface Conditioning – Pads – Rolls – Belts & Discs – Accessories

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Surface Conditioning Hand Pads

Surface conditioning hand pads are ideal for sanding, deburring, cleaning and polishing on steel, stainless steel and aluminum surfaces. Often used in between coat sanding and wax finishes, surface conditioning hand pads are ideal for removing rust and discolouration on all types of metal without clogging.

Surface Conditioning Rolls

Surface conditioning rolls remove paint, rust, and welding and cutting discolouration from stainless steel. Surface conditioning rolls are effective when longer lengths are required for manual or machine operations. Rolls can be cut to size for use in hand sanding so they are a cost-saving alternative to hand pads.

Surface Conditioning Belts & Discs

Surface Conditioning belts & discs are ideal for surface preparation, weld blending, deburring and coated removal. Composed of a nylon fiber, a resin bond and an abrasive grain, surface conditioning belts & discs are water resistant and can be used wet or dry. Because of the resiliency and cushion of the air-layered fiber, they produce a consistent and repeatable finish.

Surface Conditioning

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